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Don't Fear Gum Surgery Any More! LANAP is the Laser Alternative to Gum Surgery!

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Why Should You Choose LANAP?

  • • 24 Hour Recovery Time with Minimal Discomfort
  • • 98% of Laser Treated Patients Remain Stable After Five Years
  • • Greater Predictability for Reattachment of Gum Tissue and Bone Regeneration
  • • Less Time in the Dental Chair
  • • Reduced Risk of Infection
  • • Decreased Sensitivity and Less Bleeding
  • • Little to No Gum Recession

Laser vs Osseous Surgery in Winter Park, FL

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease and need surgery, you may be a good candidate for laser treatment for gum disease with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). 

Unlike traditional gum surgery, there are no scalpels and incisions involved and the laser targets only the diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue untouched. With traditional surgery, the gum tissue must be cut away and can result in gum recession. At Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we recommend a minimally-invasive laser treatment for gum disease that provides a more comfortable experience for the patient and has fewer risks than traditional surgery.

LANAP® does not require making any incisions or using sutures, and results in very little or no gum recession. Patients are comfortable throughout this procedure, and enjoy faster healing and recovery times than traditional surgery.

Key Differences between Traditional Gum Surgery and LANAP®


Traditional gum surgery can be quite painful and typically requires pain medication and some downtime. Laser treatment for gum disease offers less discomfort and patients can return to their regular activities the very same day.

Gum Recession

Traditional gum surgery techniques require using a blade to cut away up to 4mm of gum tissue in order to get below the gum line. LANAP® is much less invasive and since it is a targeted laser treatment, results in little or no recession of the gum line.

Healing Time

The healing and recovery time for LANAP® is faster than traditional gum surgery because it is a less invasive procedure. The laser works by killing the bacteria in the pockets, which in turn reduces inflammation of the gums and keeps healthy tissue intact.

Long-Term Results

While both types of procedures deliver fantastic results, LANAP® offers the advantage of more predictable outcomes with the benefit of bone regeneration and connective tissue reattachment. Laser treatment for gum disease stimulates the bone surrounding the tooth and in turn promotes bone regeneration. This can save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Over time, the effects of periodontal disease can be completely reversed as the tissues heal completely and bone is regenerated.

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