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Gum Disease is the #1 Cause of Tooth Loss in U.S. Adults

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How Periodontal Disease Causes Tooth Loss

Tooth Loss Affects Your Whole Life

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. Anything from disease, injury, birth defect, to decay can result in teeth being lost or removed. 

Things that may occur as a result of tooth loss include:

  • • Change in Diet
  • • Difficulty with Speech
  • • Bone Loss in the Jaw
  • • Misalignment of the Teeth
  • • Changing Facial Appearance

Tooth and Bone Loss in Orlando, FL

Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Winter Park, FLWhen you lose your teeth as a result of tooth decay, disease, injury, or a birth defect, you may need to undergo a tooth replacement procedure to prevent bone loss. When a tooth is lost or deliberately extracted, the bone in the jaw can start to deteriorate and will affect the way you chew, your facial features, and even existing healthy teeth. Dr. Rodney Horvat, and Dr. Scott Cohen, periodontists in Winter Park, FL work hard to prevent bone loss in patients who have lost a tooth or missing teeth. Here are some of the effects of lost teeth:win

Diet Issues

When you have missing teeth or no teeth, chewing becomes very challenging and even impossible. When you have to restrict your diet to very soft foods, you may not be providing the body with the nutrients it needs. Having a full set of teeth is essential for meeting the nutritional needs of the body.

Speech Problems

Few people realize that the teeth play an important role in speech. It can be difficult to pronounce certain words or make some letter sounds without tooth-to-tongue contact. When you have missing teeth, you may develop a lisp and become self-conscious when talking. The tongue is also affected by lost teeth and ends up broadening out and filling any open spaces. This can lead to a thickened tongue and also makes it difficult to speak clearly.

Bone Loss in the Jaw

Your teeth stimulate the bone in the jaw every time you chew. Without this natural stimulation, the portion of the jawbone that anchors the teeth in the mouth will begin to break down and is eventually reabsorbed by the body. Over time, the bone in the jaw will start to disintegrate, and this can affect your facial structure and overall jaw functioning.


When the teeth no longer have an opposing tooth structure, they can become loose and surrounding teeth might start to shift. This leads to a state of misalignment that can later affect your bite pattern and even lead to headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain.

Facial Appearance

The teeth are designed to hold the cheeks and lips in place. When you lose teeth, the mouth may end up having a sunken appearance and this can make you look much older than your real age.

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