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Why Choose Dental Implants?

  • • Permanent Tooth Restoration
  • • Ability to Eat and Speak Without Loose Dentures
  • • No More Embarrassing Gaps In Your Smile!
  • • Saves Bone and Surrounding Teeth
  • • No Need for Fixed or Removable Appliances
  • • Renewed Confidence in Your Appearance

Missing Teeth? You're Not Alone!

You're not alone! Did you know that 69% of adults between the ages of 35-44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth?

Dental Implants in Winter Park, FL

Dr. Rodney Horvat, and Dr. Scott Cohen often recommend dental implants for tooth replacement treatment. Traditional tooth replacement procedures either rest on the gums or rely on adjacent teeth for support. Dental implants are fused directly into the jaw bone and can be a much more attractive, long-term tooth replacement option for patients undergoing dental surgery.

How the Dental Implants Procedure Works

If one of our doctors has recommended dental surgery with implants, you may be wondering how the dental implants procedure works and what to expect from the procedure.

Statistics show that an estimated 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth to injury, gum disease, or decay. By the age of 74, 26 percent of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth. Whenever teeth are lost for any reason, it is important to talk to a periodontal professional about tooth replacement options.

Today’s advanced dental technologies offer attractive alternatives to traditional tooth replacement procedures such as dentures and fixed bridges. We have found that many traditional tooth replacement procedures have a high risk of complications over the patient’s lifetime. Removable dentures can cause bone loss, which impacts the facial structure and can alter the fit of the dentures. Fixed bridges require grinding down adjacent teeth, and this process can make healthy teeth more susceptible to damage.

Dental implants can be a valuable option for those who need dental surgery to replace lost teeth. Research shows that implants deliver better long-term results over other procedures, and since they mirror the tooth root and structure, can stimulate the jawbone naturally, which in turn prevents bone loss. The titanium composition of implants makes them resistant to decay, and since the implant is fused directly into existing bone, there is a noticeable improvement in jaw functioning. Patients who received implants during the ‘80s and ‘90s continue to report optimum functionality of their implants. With proper care and hygiene, implants can effectively be a permanent, life-long solution for tooth replacement.

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