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Esthetic Crown Lengthening in Winter Park, FL

Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Winter Park, FLA gummy smile occurs when there is excess gum tissue around the tooth. An esthetic crown lengthening procedure can be very effective for getting rid of this excess gum tissue and creating a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Rodney Horvat, and Dr. Scott Cohen and the team at Periodontics & Implant dentistry provide esthetic crown lengthening procedures for patients who want to improve the look of their smile without undergoing extensive surgery. This procedure is actually fairly simple and takes about an hour to perform. It is also known as a gum lift, and works to reshape the smile while exposing more of the natural tooth.

How Esthetic Crown Lengthening Works

Your doctor will administer a local anesthetic to eliminate any pain and discomfort. He will then create very small incisions in the gum tissue to separate the gums from the teeth. In some cases, a small amount of bone will be removed to create a more natural-looking smile. Your doctor can remove excess gum tissue and reshape the smile to explore more of the natural teeth. Once the procedure is complete, the incisions are cleaned and sutures are placed over the incision sites. A protective bandage may be applied to encourage reattachment of the gums to the teeth. We will see you two weeks after your procedure to remove the sutures and normal brushing and flossing can resume.

Benefits of Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Even though crown lengthening is often desired for esthetic purposes, it can also help to preserve the health of the smile. Some other benefits of periodontal plastic surgery include:

• Can prevent periodontal disease
• Improves gum’s ability to deter bacteria
• Decreases depth of pockets between teeth
• Preserves teeth and gums
• Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
• Can improve overall well-being

If you are self-conscious about your gummy smile or want to learn more about esthetic crown lengthening procedures, call Dr. Horvat, and Dr. Cohen at Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today for your periodontal surgery in, Orlando FL.

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