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Receding Gums in Orlando, FL

Receding gums occur when your gum tissue has worn away around your teeth. This tissue serves as a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and external stimuli. Without this gum tissue present, your teeth are more susceptible to disease and trauma. Dr. Scott Cohen is a periodontist in Orlando, FL that will treat your gum recession and restore your healthy smile.

Gum recession can not only be embarrassing, it can also be a symptom of a more serious issue such as gum disease

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How do I know if I have gum recession?

When the gum tissues recede, the root structure of the teeth become exposed. The root lacks the 
strong enamel that covers the crown portions of the teeth and is at a greater risk of damage and 
Symptoms of gum recession often include teeth that appear to be longer or larger than 
they once were, an uneven gum line, notching near your gum line, and the onset of tooth 
sensitivity. Your teeth may also appear to be two different colors, as the roots are darker in color 
than the enamel. 
Dr. Cohen might suggest any of the following treatment options for your gum recession: 
The benefits of treating your gum recession are very important to your oral health and for the 
health of your entire body. With gum recession treatment, you can expect to experience: 

  • Reduction in tooth sensitivity 
  • Your healthy smile restored 
  • More attractive gum line 
  • Reduction in the risk of losing teeth 
  • Reduced risk of gum disease and root decay 
Receding gums can occur gradually over time, so people often wait until it is too late to seek 
treatment. Gum disease is a progressive condition that only becomes worse and more harmful to 
your overall health when left untreated. If you have receding gums in Orlando, FL, call Dr. 
Cohen’s office and schedule your consultation today. 

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