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Dental Implants Offer a Variety of Treatment Options for Single or Multiple Missing Teeth

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Implants Act Like Your Natural Teeth

Replacing a single missing tooth can be most authentically accomplished with a single dental implant. The post of the implant mimics the root of your tooth while the dental crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth, requiring no additional maintenance.

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Implants Prevent Damage to Surrounding Teeth

Benefits of Dental Implants in Winter Park, FL

Single Missing Tooth in Winter Park, FL

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

If you have lost a tooth or have multiple missing teeth, you need to explore the different tooth restoration options available as soon as possible. While missing teeth might not be bothersome at first, they can cause a number of oral health problems and even affect surrounding healthy teeth. When a tooth is lost, the mouth loses some of its support structure. This can affect jaw functioning and the overall look of your face and jawline. Dr. Rodney Horvat, and Dr. Scott Cohen at Periodontics & Implant Dentistry encourage all patients to come in for a dental implant consultation to determine whether they are a good candidate for dental implants or other tooth restoration procedures.

The Dental Implants Consultation

During your consultation, your doctor will perform a comprehensive oral exam and take X-rays of your mouth. He will review the X-rays with you to show you where dental implants may be necessary, and determine whether your gums and jaw can accommodate for the dental implants procedure.

In some cases, bone grafting may be necessary to create a more supportive bone structure for the new implants. We will discuss your options during your consultation, and can also outline costs and a proposed treatment plan for missing teeth during that very first visit.

Undergoing a Dental Implants Procedure

Undergoing the dental implants procedure does not have to be stressful or cause anxiety. We take extra steps to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after any type of periodontal surgery, and will explain exactly what to expect during your consultation. The dental implants procedure is typically performed over a series of visits, because the gum tissue and jaw need time to heal at each stage of treatment. We use the latest technologies and protocol to ensure fast healing times and minimal discomfort.

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