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Drs. Horvat, and Cohen are Periodontists in Winter Park, Florida who serve patients from Winter Park, Orlando, Maitland, and Altamonte Springs as well as the surrounding areas. Our office specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and we offer treatments such as the LANAP Laser Treatment, Dental Implants, and Cosmetic Periodontics. Call (407) 644-4404 to schedule your appointment or click here to request an appointment online.


Gum Restoration Can Solve Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth? Gum restoration may be the solution to your dental concerns. Learn more about how it could help in our latest blog.

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Four Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Are your teeth at risk? Learn about the four most common causes of tooth loss and what you can do to protect your smile.

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Why Are Your Gums Bleeding and How Can You Stop It?

Gums can start bleeding for simple reasons, such as a new toothbrush, or for more concerning ones, like gum disease. Learn more about what could be causing yours!

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How to Take Better Care of Your Dental Implants

Once you've made the decision to invest in dental implants, it's critical to learn how to take care of them. This ensures they are long-lasting and your mouth and body remain healthy. Here's how.

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How to Know if Your Medication is Harming Your Oral Health

Many of us take medications, but some of us may be unaware of how they are affecting our oral health. Learn more about common side-effects to look out for.

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Dental Implants: Cost-Effective Long-Term Tooth Replacement

What are the effects of missing teeth? Learn about the dangers associated with this common concern and what you can do to put health back into your smile.

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4 Common Symptoms of Gum Recession and How to Fight It

Are sensitive teeth a result of gum recession? Learn the symptoms of this condition and how we can help.

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The 5 Worst Habits for Your Teeth

Did you know maintaining a healthy smile may also rely on you breaking some bad habits? Lear more about what could be damaging your teeth!

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The Anatomy of Laser Dentistry

We are proud to offer the latest dental technology has to offer for treating gum disease in Winter Park, FL. Learn how laser procedures are fast, minimally-invasive and effective!

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3 Ways Stress Alters Oral Health

Stress is a common concern for many people and can have an impact on not only our physical health, but our oral health too! Read on to learn more about how stress in Winter Park, FL impacts our mouths.

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